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The UV Germicidal Lamp works as a sterilization mechanism that apply ultraviolet (UV) light at a needed short wavelength to kill microorganisms. It is being used in different forms of applications, such as air and water purification. For more then a 100 years now UV has been well known as a mutagen of the cellular level. 

The UV Germicidal lamp takes advantage of its short wavelength of UV light that is destroying all micro organic life forms entering your air. It efficiently remove their reproductive ability and sometimes kills them by the help of the UV radiation, for cleaner air in your house. Making everyone in the house feel safe and healthy.

Using a UV Germicidal Lamp device in your home will definitely improve your air quality and environment, the UV light is deadly to organisms like pathogens, viruses and different kinds of mold, that may be in your air. Together with a filtration system in your AC unit the UV Germicidal Lamp can eliminate all dangerous micro-organisms from your Air conditioning air.

The UV Germicidal Lighting system is made to cover your home environments, like for example sealed rooms and forced air systems to germicidal UV light. If you are concerned about the quality of your air in your home, let Ice Age help you install a UV Germicidal lamp in your home so that you and your family can breathe clean and healthy air.


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