Unico Air Conditioning System

unico-installThe Unico Heating and Cooling Systems are Small Duct Central Heating & Air Conditioning Systems, which are suited for existing homes, retrofit & remodeling projects, historic properties, log homes, new custom home construction, and UniSpot / light commercial applications. This is an HVAC system highly engineered for small size and ultra efficient operation from the return to the supply. The Unico System is designed to fit where other systems cannot, while simultaneously providing superior indoor comfort. This way, Unico customers have the freedom to build any home or building without the worry of "building around" the HVAC system. The Unico product line is made of the highest quality materials , and is proudly assembled in the USA.

Small and convinient

I doesn't matter when or where your home or building was developed, or what its physical arrangement is, installing The Unico System is never impossible - without harming the design or architectural honor.

Silent Action

The Unico System is the best common cooling systems on the market by making use of a patented high velocity stream of air. This air is transfered silently and seamlessly inside the room by managing our 2" outlets or the 8" x ¾" slotted diffuser.

unicohouseAvoid Remodeling

The Unico System is small and conviniently fits where other common big and bulky cooling systems don't fit - with little or no remodeling required at all! The Air conditioning systems air handlers and coils can simply be installed into attics, ceilings, crawlspaces, and closets.

Comfortable Temperatures

The Unico System provieds excellent comfort over commonly traditional Air conditioning systems by removing drafts and gets rid of 30% more near by humidity.

Removes 30% More Near By Humidity

The Unico System offers better humidity removal with the excellent and effective design of our cooling coils, developing a flawless comfortable environment.

Matches Your Decor

The Unico System give you a big selection in different outlet choices. For example some outlets come round or slotted, and are developed to fit any decor in your homes construction without harming it.