SpacePak High Velocity AC Systems

When being short of space is an issue for you SpacePak is the solution for you! SpacePak can be built in without extreme remodeling. It is the perfect central air conditioning for your house if you are not able to furnish conventional AC systems like for example "ductless", or if your home is older with limited space and such. With SpacePak's there is no need of the bulky and big metal ducting, like with other central AC systems. The SpacePak unit uses bendable, 2" diameter insulated tubes tiny enough to be sent behind the house wall, and then cool air is sent through unnoticeable circle openings on wall, floors or ceilings.

SpacePak House

Energy Effective with Better Humidity Control
SpacePak's limited coil is drafted to remove up to 30% more damp air from the air in the house than other usual air conditioning systems. Because of the humidity level being decreased, you will feel comfortable with a higher and more energy saving thermostat setting. Also a dry and cool environment in the house benefits your home's furnishings, keeping it's appearance and comfort.


Silent Comfort

SpacePak is designed to reduce noise, the built in tubing absorbs the common sound of air circulation before the air comes into a room. The sound that might be produced by the indoor fan coil's blower motor is also isolated inside the systems cabinet. So that you can enjoy feeling your cool AC not hear it.

The SpacePak can also be connected with many kinds of air cleaning devices, a great option for people that suffers allergy and families that are concerned with the overall air quality.

Even if you live in an older house, condominium or townhouse, or are maybe building your own new house, our highly trained team at Ice Age HVAC will present to you how SpacePak fits into your home. SpacePak gives you and your family years of carefree comfort, so you don't need to worry. Also because of its small and convenient space design it often only takes a couple of days to install compared to other central AC systems.


Avoid Renovation

Your rooms are celar of bulky registers and ductwork that can detract the decor.The Spacepak outlets are small and blend seamlessly into the room.


Spacepak OutletSpacepak air conditioning OutlettuberingSpacePakRoomTerminator


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