Air Handlers

An usual house comfort AC system as two parts: One Air conditioner unit outside, and one inside unit. The inside unit are the air handlers, it spreads the cool AC air throughout your house during warm summer days. Both units are designed to function together.

Air Handler & Heat Pump System

The air handler is commonly used in place of a heating machine and is just as equally affordable and effective. The air handler is the system that makes the cool and pleasurable air flow through your house during those hot summer days. One unit will not function without the other, they work together to provide your house with central air conditioning.

Air handlers work in combination with an air conditioning, are simple and are generally used instead of a heating machine. The air handler is basically a box built by sheet metal, with openings on both sides and a fan that makes the air flow.  It also contains of essential air conditioning pieces, like for example evaporator coil and an air conditioning filters.

There are many different sizes and efficiency grades available of air handlers, because of all the different air conditioning systems available on the market. Both units are though always matched to give you and the rest of your household a satisfying cool temperature and the very best central air conditioning. Simply, the air handler is the part of the air conditioning system that only targets the cooling of the household, while the condensing unit outside targets the heating. Both units have the same components yet target on different functions to give you both heating and air conditioning.

The air handler can as well be called an "indoor unit." At ant time you need to replace the outdoor air conditioning unit, you also have replace the air handler because both units are made to give the very best result in air conditioning system. Not using these two air condition units that are designed to work together can result in lack of  proper air conditioning you need of your central air conditioning.

Another ting that is not really the latest on the market but an added benefit are variable speed air handlers , that basically runs the same as the standard air handler but have an added perk: a variable-speed blower which means that it can cool at different speeds throughout the house rather then an on/off-mode of much stronger flow that the standard air handler will give.

Something to keep in mind if you're thinking about installing air handlers, let us help you make the right decision of the product you need and install or replace your Central Air conditioning. Our trained and experienced AC service technicians are waiting for your service call!